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Top 5 Best Online Veterinarians

Get 1-on-1 Help for Your Cat or Kitten!


Best Overall
Vetster connects pet owners to thousands of licensed veterinary professionals ready to provide online pet care through video, chat and voice enabled appointments 24/7.
Virtual Vet: $30-$50, or more
Fuzzy Pet Health

Fuzzy Pet Health

Best for Comprehensive Care
Fuzzy Pet Health is designed as a one-stop shop for pet health, with on-demand consultations, advice, behavioral support, and products that supplement regular, in-person veterinary care for your pets.
Virtual Vet Consultation: $25
Banfield Vet Chat

Banfield Vet Chat

Best With Brick and Mortar
Banfield Pet Hospital is an established veterinary care provider with over 1,000 locations across the country. With locations in nearly every state, It is one of the nation’s most popular vet care providers.
Virtual Vet: From $30 USD


Best Affordable
PetCoach is a great resource with a huge amount of free content around veterinary health as well as an easy-to-use “Ask a Vet” feature.
Virtual Vet Consultation: $14.99
Whisker Docs

Whisker Docs

Best Subscription Plan
whiskerDocs is a subscription-based service that pet owners can use to get supplemental pet care from licensed veterinarians and vet techs, via email, phone call, or live chat.
Call/Chat: $39.99


Virtual veterinarians cannot diagnose or treat pets, but they can answer questions about parasite prevention, diet, grooming, exercise, and behavioral issues.

Always contact your veterinarian or an emergency animal hospital if your pet is acting very sick or has been injured.

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