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Korat picture
Korat picture
Korat Kitten
Korat Kitten
Korat Kitten Names
Male Cat Names Female Cat Names
01. Harley Willow
02. Duncan Milkshake
03. Smudge Princess
04. Symba Sushi
05. Mr. Meowgi Truffles
06. Trigger Lexi
07. Felix Sushi
08. Coco Misty
09. Alex Tamara
10. Fluffy Chloe
Korat information
Name Korat
Other names Si-Sawat
Origin Thailand
Body Type Medium sized cat breeds
Coat Length Short Hair
Tail Medium length; heavier at base; tapering to rounded tip; nonvisible kink permitted.
Eyes Large eyes
Life span 14 -15 years
Temperament Quiet, Gentle, Intelligent, Friendly, Affectionate, Talkative...
Weight 10 - 11 pounds
Colors Blue, Silver
Kitten Price Average $600 - $800 USD
Yearly Cost Average $1110
Korat Characteristics
Affection Level
Child Friendly
Dog Friendly
Energy Level
Health Issues
Social Needs
Stranger Friendly
Hypoallergenic  Unknown
Korat also called silver cat, native to the koala, plateau northwest of Thailand, production is very few. The colour to silver blue, big eyes, for the green, face to special shape of the heart, body shape is not like a typical exotic species shorthair as slender. It is considered auspicious animals.
Body type
Size is medium, but muscular, body strong and graceful. Large ears, appear slightly rounded, ear is very wide. Blue-green eyes, big and round. Eyes twinkle, alert and expressive.

Hair is fine and smooth, have a silk luster. Separate your body moving, back hair to the side. Whole body have no body hair shade, no markings, is all blue hair, maojian tea with silver, can reflect light, the sunlight, the whole body silvery light.
Short, smooth, shiny, dense coat, the coat has the advantages of simple structure (no undercoat), the cat when motion, the back hair tends to be erected. Even Silver Blue coat. Hair tip is silver, the Mao Chengshuang gray. The nose is dark blue grey. Foot pad is deep blue to purple powder.
Silver-blue all over; tipped with silver; silver should be sufficient to produce silver halo effect.
Korat vibrant, active, flexible and playful, but don't like noise, trouble, it requires a quiet environment. It is not friendly to other cats, distrust of strangers. It gently, feeling very rich, very sensitive, the host is attached to. Need love and attention. With a tone of voice.
Medium length, base crude in, tapering trend. The tail circle.
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