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American Bobtail

American Bobtail PictureAmerican Bobtail Picture
Breed Information
Popularity (2014) #36
Name American Bobtail
Other names None
Origin United States
Size Medium to Large
Coat LongShortDensePlushHeavy Undercoat
Lap Cat Yes
Life span 11-15 years
Temperament IntelligentInteractiveLivelyPlayfulSensitive
Weight Male: 12 - 16 poundsFemale: 7 - 11 pounds
Colors BlackBlueBrownChocolateCreamFawnWhite
Kitten Price Average $500 - $700 USD
Breed Characteristics
Adaptability 5 stars
Affection Level 5 stars
Child Friendly 4 starsGood With Others: It is usually good with adults, children (6+), and seniors and can be very affectionate towards them.
Dog Friendly 5 stars
Energy Level 3 stars
Grooming 3 starsModerate Maintenance: Regular grooming is advised to keep its coat in good shape. It stimulates circulation, massages the skin, and removes debris and loose hair. Frequency should be once a week (medium hair) and twice a week (long hair).
Health Issues 4 starsHealth Problems: Unfortunately, it is known to have a myriad count of illnesses and conditions. Owners with these cat breeds should prepare for some long-term medical costs or hedge their risks with pet insurance.Hypoallergenic: No
Intelligence 5 stars
Shedding 5 starsConstant Shedding: Shedding will occur often for this cat breed. It is suggested to brush and comb its coat regularly to reduce the risk of it developing hairballs. Be prepared also to vacuum often.
Social Needs 3 stars
Stranger Friendly 3 stars
Vocalization 3 starsModerate Vocalization: Its vocal behavior can be tolerable. Eliminating stimuli that cause the vocalization or modifying the cat's behavior, such as keeping it occupied and content, can reduce vocalization.
American Bobtail Kitten PictureAmerican Bobtail Kitten Picture
Kitten Names
Rank Male Female
01 Chloe Angelina
02 Milo  Princess
03 Oliver Molly
04 Coco Gracie
05 Smudge Maya
06 Athena Misty
07 Felix Sophie
08 Gracie Kitkat
09 Blaze Ginger
10 Summer Leah

The American Bobtail is a medium-to-large cat with a solid, muscular body and a luxurious coat. Its tail is naturally “bobbed,” meaning that it is unusually short and preferably should not exceed the hock in length. When this cat is alert, its tail is held straight up. Its head is distinctively wedge-shaped, with a prominent brow over large, slightly almond-shaped eyes, giving it the persistent look of a focused hunter. In overall appearance, the American Bobtail resembles a wild bobcat. It is a slow-maturing breed, taking two to three years to reach full adulthood. The American Bobtail comes in all colors and coat patterns, both in long-haired and short-haired varieties. Its coat is naturally water-resistant, regardless of length. The Bobtail easily adapts to almost any environment, whether it be busy or quiet. They make wonderful household companions.

Despite its rather wild appearance, the American Bobtail is a friendly, highly intelligent, adaptable and personable cat. It is often described as being “dog-like” in temperament. Bobtails are exceptionally affectionate and devoted to their owners and can be quite demanding of attention. They typically get along well with dogs and other cats, even welcoming newcomers of the two or four-legged variety with ease into the household. The American Bobtail is a good traveler and has been a cabin companion for many long-haul truck drivers. They also have been used by therapists to calm distraught patients, because they are well-behaved and unusually sensitive to people in distress.

Children & Other Pets
The social and laidback American Bobtail likes to play, so he’s a good choice for families with children. Always supervise younger children to make sure they don’t hurt the cat by pulling his fur or twisting his tail. He is happy to live with other cats and cat-friendly dogs, too, thanks to his amiable disposition. Introduce pets slowly and in controlled circumstances to ensure that they learn to get along together.
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